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Eco Covers

Eco Covers

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The Coverbind Eco Linen Thermal Binding Covers are an innovative new style of thermal binding covers with the clear plastic front cover replaced by paper. The covers look almost identical as the plastic version, displaying your first page through a matte, translucent front cover sheet. The back cover and spine are made of a 100 lb. linen stock available in an assortment of colors.

The papers and cartons used in Eco Linen covers are from sustainable forests and produced in mills that are certified according to FSC and PEFC or EFC Chain of Custody and ISO 14001. Sustainable forests are managed ecologically with biological diversity and sustainability. The paper pulp is unbleached and Total Chlorine Free (TCF).

The product is aimed at consumers actively looking reduce their environmental footprint. The Eco Cover is produced with a paper frosted front and chlorine free paper for the back. In a survey of 25,000 consumers, it was found that 66% of customers are now willing to pay more to use ‘green’ products. However, with Eco Linen covers, that isn't the case as the price is the same as our traditional thermal covers with a PVC clear front cover.

All covers come with a strip of glue in the spine and pre-scored hinges both in front and back of the cover. The Coverbind Eco Linen cover is distinctive and environmentally friendly alternative to Thermal Covers with a PVC plastic front cover.

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